Quelle est la meilleure machine à soda ou eau gazeuse

What is the best soda or sparkling water maker

With being a fan of soft drinks comes a significant amount of secret guilty feelings. First, there is the involvement of materials such as metal and plastic in the packaging, which is difficult to recycle. Second, it can take a huge chunk of a family's monthly budget as buying ready-made soft drinks can be quite expensive. Third, there are all the horror stories you hear in magazines and newspapers about the adverse health effects of consuming soft drinks packaged with processed sugar, dyes, and chemical additives.

Aside from all of those negative things involved, there's the simple fact that you have to walk through to haul a large, heavy carton of soft drinks home from the grocery store. But does that mean that we have to say goodbye to soft drinks so refreshing and delicious? Anyone who has experienced the rewarding feeling of sipping a cold soda after sweating and working out on a hot summer day would say no to the above question, and that includes that too. However, we have found a solution to all the problems associated with consuming carbonated drinks and we want you to be able to enjoy your carbonated drink without having to worry about the problems associated with them.

That is why we are going to introduce you today to the soda makers. These are non-electric machines or siphons that can be used to carbonate regular tap water to turn them into freshly brewed sparkling water that you can make and enjoy at home, outdoors, or in the office. These machines are very easy to use and since you can customize the sparkling water the way you want, you can make your own personalized soft drinks and have a lot of fun doing it. Apart from that, you can control how sparkling you want your drink to be, and since it is made only with water and CO2, you can control what is inside the drink, that is. ' is therefore a much healthier option than the soft drinks you prefer. buy in stores. These machines have also eliminated the plastic packaging involved in ready-to-drink sodas, so it's an eco-friendly way to drink as much soda as you want.

If you have made the decision to invest in a soda maker, which is a smart and economical decision, you may want to consider the various options available on the market. If there are so many different models and types of soda makers, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Therefore, we have put together all the important information on how to buy a soda maker, things to look for, as well as the top ten soda makers that we have carefully selected from the countless different options on the market.

TOP 5 best soda or sparkling water machine

Aarke's second generation Carbonator retains the classic look of the first generation while updating some internal features. Made of stainless steel, the Carbonator II is available in a metallic and matte finish, which makes it more elegant.

Like others, the AARKE Sparkling Water Maker does not contain any cords or battery packs and is powered by a 60 liter CO2 gas cylinder. The Aarke is like an ideal kitchen appliance, which sits comfortably on the counter with its elegant finish.

In addition to all the other features, it comes with a drip tray under the spout to prevent any kind of spill. The AARKE Sparkling Water Maker works on the lever mechanism that you can lower to carbonate your water. Overall, this is another best sparkling water maker 2020 on our list that we have researched for you.

  • Sleek, modern and eye-catching design
  • Redesigned washer provides better sealing
  • Easy to install and screw into the carbonation cartridge
  • Comes with plastic bottles instead of glass ones
  • More expensive than available options

Fizzi is one of the most popular SodaStream appliances; This sparkling water maker lets you start with regular tap water or bottled water, add any flavors you want and produce your ultimate drink.

The SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker is tall, slim, and space-saving and can be taken easily on outings. It uses the same gas cylinder power as the SodaStream Jet and comes with a 1L reusable cylinder, although cylinders of varying sizes can be used.

The Fizzi is lightweight and features a snap button design for easy bottle adjustment. The carbonation button can be pushed depending on the amount of carbonation required.

It also comes with a muffler valve, which keeps noise to a minimum. Overall, this is another best soda maker 2020 on our list at # 2 that you can buy.

  • Great product for households and easy to use 
  • Lightweight with an attractive style
  • Easy-to-read user manual for faster setup
  • High pressure can make it difficult to remove the bottle
  • Made entirely of plastic, so can wear out quickly

Soda siphons have been around since 1829, and that's why you've probably seen them used to making fine drinks in the movies. These classic soda siphons have a more vintage look than modern soda makers and they can add a touch of classic beauty to your cocktails, cold drinks or seltzer.

This iSi soda siphon bottle brings the soda siphon tradition into a more durable, stylish and contemporary form. The siphon bottle has a durable high quality stainless steel construction that resists corrosion and also prevents the siphon from breaking if damaged by impact.

To ensure the bottle is not overfilled with water and to prevent messy spills, the siphon comes with a measuring tube and pressure valve that controls the amount of liquid released at a time. The bottle has a large 1 pint capacity, which means you can make more than one glass of sparkling water at a time.

  • It acts as an elegant and classic way to serve soft drinks  
  • It has a capacity of 1 content quarter
  • It requires CO2 cartridges to carbonate the water

The SodaStream Source Sparkling Watermaker has such a sleek and sophisticated look that it's a pleasant surprise when you realize that it can be used so simply and without the use of batteries or electricity. It has a slender black body that you can proudly keep on your kitchen counter.

The machine is compatible with a carbon dioxide cartridge that you can install in the housing on the back of the machine. Each of these CO2 bottles allows you to make 60 liter bottles of soft drinks. Once the cartridge is empty, you can take it to any SodaStream store and refill it for the next use.

This soda maker is extremely easy to use and can carbonate a water bottle in seconds! The machine comes with a stylish 1 liter bottle made of BPA free material where you can drink your personalized sodas any time of the day. All you have to do is fill the bottle up to the mark with normal tap water and adjust it to the CO2 outlet on the front of the machine. Then you have to press the top of the machine and you will see the bubbles being created inside the water bottle. There you go, your own bottle of freshly brewed refreshing sparkling water with your very own soda maker! The outlet for CO2 has

What's even better is that the front of the machine has a beautifully designed LED indicator that shows the level of carbonation that has been achieved, so you can choose how sparkling you want your drink to be. . Once the sparkling water is ready, you can drink it immediately or add your favorite flavors or syrups to make a personalized drink to suit your taste. This machine does not require electricity or power supply, so you can use it without worrying about outlets or replacing batteries, and you can use it even at outdoor parties to serve your guests with soft drinks freshly prepared.

  • It does not require any electricity and the carbonation can be done in seconds
  • It can be used to make personalized drinks by adding different flavors
  • It is very easy to use for anyone to use
  • CO2 canister must be purchased separately

The SodaStream source is for everyone, beginners or otherwise. A beautiful, simple and designed device, it comes with a mini CO2 carbonator that can make up to 9L of sparkling water.

The SodaStream Source 1419511019 Sparkling Water Maker is one of the few parts that has an LED indicator for fizz, ranging from light and medium fizz to heavy fizz so you don't overdo or underestimate it . Snap-lock technology makes it easy to use and can produce good quality sparkling water in less than 30 seconds.

The SodaStream Source 1419511019 Sparkling Water Maker stands out as one of the most economical units in the long run if you factor in the discount offers and therefore can be used by anyone.

It is also not too heavy or bulky and has almost zero spill. All in all, if you only want to buy the best soda maker or sparkling water maker, this one won't disappoint.

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  • Easy to use and economical 
  • Can quickly provide different levels of fizz
  • Can be used with a separate CO2 tank configuration
  • Mini CO2 cylinders don't last very long
  • Construction finish is poor

Things to consider before buying the best soda maker

Handheld or Countertop

When it comes to soda makers, there are two main types: handhelds and countertops. The design of the counter is used by placing it on a table and hence it is less portable but more stable. In addition, they are capable of holding a CO2 cartridge with a capacity of 60 liters or 130 liters and therefore are a good choice if you are buying soda for your family. Handhelds are smaller varieties and most of them are soda siphons.

Their advantage is that you can easily carry them in your hand and also use them to serve soft drinks in an elegant way, which can add aesthetic value at a cocktail party or bar.These hand-held soda makers use small CO2 cartridges instead of cylinders so that they cannot carbonate a large amount of water at once, but they have the advantage that the drink can be served without opening the cap of the bottle. bottle, so CO2 is not lost when the drink is served, which is the case in countertop designs.

CO2 source

To make carbonated regular water, soda makers allow CO2 to enter the water. And that is why all soda makers need a source of CO2 to be inserted into a designated part of the soda maker so that the water becomes sparkling.

In the case of countertop soda makers, there are CO2 bottles with capacities like 60 liters, 90 liters, 130 liters, etc. which can be purchased in stores and be refilled when completed.

One thing to note is that while some soda makers are compatible with any brand of CO2 bottles, some soda makers are only compatible with their proprietary products and so it is wise to check if the brand is around which you go to but has stores nearby so you can go and recharge it as needed. In the case of soda siphons, the source of CO2 comes in the form of a canister; these can also be purchased at local stores.

Bottle material and capacity

Soda makers come with a bottle that needs to be filled with water or the liquid you want to carbonate. For most soda makers, this bottle is reusable and is plastic. But if you want to avoid plastics, you can go for soda makers that have glass bottles.Another option would be to go for soda siphons, which usually have a stainless steel bottle.

Another factor to note about the bottle is its capacity as it will determine how much drink you can make at a time.


As with any household product, the design of a soda maker is an important factor that would help you determine which one would best suit your personal preferences. Since the soda maker stands in a visible location such as your countertop, it's best to find one that's stylish with a vintage touch or sleek and modern so it doesn't look out of place in your kitchen. . .


Although soda makers are primarily used for carbonating water and for making freshly brewed seltzer, you can add syrup, flavorings, or fresh fruit to make it your favorite soft drink. 

Some soda makers also allow you to carbonate liquids other than water such as wine, tea, coffee, juice, apple cider, etc. types of general-purpose liquids.


A soda maker not only makes your life easier by eliminating the need to bring home a heavy package of soda cans, but it is also cost effective compared to buying separate soda cans.

It is also healthier because you can skip the high fructose corn syrups and make your own soda mix however you like. Now that you have all the knowledge to buy the best soda maker for yourself, you can buy one for your home and office and enjoy freshly brewed soda whenever you want.

What is SodaStream?

It is quite easy to clean the soda stream bottle. But first you need to see what types of bottles you get with your soda stream. Most sodastream models give us one or two bottles. The great thing is that the bottles are reusable. So it is hassle free. But you need to clean the bottle of soda regularly. It's so easy.

SodaStream is a leading brand that manufactures small devices for making sodas, sparkling waters, sparkling cocktails or seltzers in an environmentally friendly way and in the comfort of your home.

The company produces beverage maker SodaStream, which is a device used to force CO2 gas into water to make a carbonated drink. Typically, a complete product includes the machine itself, reusable beverage bottle (s), and the CO2 bottle.

SodaStream has managed to change the way we get delicious soda sparkling without putting a strain on your wallet. It also reduces the amount of packaging waste for store-bought drinks. If you read various reviews of soda makers, you will realize that home soda makers have been around for a while now, but SodaStream is the pioneering brand.

Today's market features some of the best soda makers including soda water makers and soda siphons for dispensing carbonated water to make a carbonated drink. It should be clearly noted that SodaStream was the first company to produce home soda making devices.

How does sodastream work?

Comment SodaStream économise votre argent? C'est un peu intéressant. La plupart des gens ont dépensé beaucoup d'argent pour prendre une boisson gazeuse. Si nous calculons ce montant, ce sera un gros montant à la fin du mois.

Les fabricants de boissons SodaStream fonctionnent à peu près de la même manière que les pistolets à soda dans les restaurants. Tout d'abord, il carbonate l'eau puis mélange le sirop concentré pour donner la saveur requise. Les SodaStreams sont garantis pour fonctionner avec de l'eau, mais certaines personnes finissent par pirater ces appareils pour carbonater d'autres boissons.

Pour utiliser l'appareil, versez votre eau du robinet ennuyeuse dans le système et il la transformera en eau pétillante en trente secondes. Vous pouvez choisir parmi une sélection de jusqu'à 60 sirops aromatisés dans le dépôt d'eau et créer votre délicieux soda aromatisé. Ces saveurs comprennent un régime alimentaire et des combinaisons régulières de citron-lime, de cola, de mélange de fruits rouges, de saveurs de fruits exotiques, de pamplemousse rose, de thé glacé, de boissons énergisantes, de mélangeurs à cocktails et bien plus encore.

Ne valant rien, SodaStream contient 60% de sucre en moins par rapport à un soda ordinaire. Généralement, il y a deux choses à garder à l'esprit lors de la fabrication de votre eau pétillante. C'est la teneur en sucre et la densité ou l'épaisseur de votre liquide.

Comment utiliser SodaStream?

La plupart des fabricants de soda ont une ou deux bouteilles réutilisables de 1 litre. Nous savons que les bouteilles et les canettes en plastique sont nocives pour notre environnement. La bouteille réutilisable nous aide à réduire la bouteille et la canette en plastique.

SodaStream est un bon système qui vous donne la liberté de faire vos propres boissons pétillantes en fonction de vos besoins. L'utilisation de SodaStream est plus facile que vous ne le pensez probablement et vous pouvez préparer vos boissons pétillantes en quelques secondes. Chaque machine à eau pétillante comprend une bouteille de gazéification en plastique sans BPA.

Toutes les bouteilles sont conçues de manière unique, sûres et réutilisables. Encore une fois, chaque machine est livrée avec un cylindre de dioxyde de carbone (cylindre de CO2). Voici la procédure d'utilisation du sodastream maker à boisson pétillante:

1. Versez de l'eau froide dans une bouteille ou un pichet et conservez-la au réfrigérateur pendant quelques jours. Vous devrez le faire uniquement si la température du
l'eau est légèrement supérieure à la température ambiante. Sinon, cette étape est facultative.

2. Vissez fermement votre verseuse sur le système.

3. Appuyez plusieurs fois sur le bouton de carbonatation sur le dessus de la machine jusqu'à obtenir la bonne quantité de carbonatation. Vous entendrez un bourdonnement lorsque la bouteille commencera à se remplir de carbonatation. Donnez une pause entre les poussées.

4. Appuyez sur le bouton noir situé sur le dessus du système en arrière du bord du système. Poussez-le dur mais doux et ferme.

5. Retirez ou dévissez votre bouteille de la machine. Faire cela crée le pétillement de l'eau de boisson.

6. Tenez la bouteille sur le côté par rapport à son angle actuel de 90 degrés. Inclinez-le d'au moins 15 degrés pour pouvoir verser le contenu avec précision

7. Selon les directives de l'emballage, ajoutez un ou plusieurs paquets de sirop dans le pichet

8. Appuyez le capuchon sur la bouteille

9. Enfin, secouez la bouteille pour bien mélanger l'eau et le soda. Profitez-en directement de la bouteille ou partagez-le dans des verres pour servir.

Comment nettoyer la bouteille de sodastream?

There is no doubt that carbonating machines are awesome. Forget the flavors, these devices provide delicious sparkling water to entertain your family and guests. Whether you just want to stay hydrated at work or are a sober driver on the road, sparkling water gives you a whimsical feel.

But, there is probably one annoying thing about these bottles - they are not dishwasher safe. It's no fun washing those bottles, and the flip side is you don't want to drink from a bottle that's full of sugar residue at the bottom. These bottles should be cleaned regularly.

It is important to clean a SodaStream bottle as soon as you have finished your drink. An almost empty bottle is very likely to dry out inside and become more difficult to clean. So clean the bottle right away if you have time.

When cleaning a SodaStream bottle, first identify whether it needs a quick clean or a full clean. You can increase or decrease the cleaning rate depending on the number of germs accumulated. Well, let's take a look at the

quick cleaning steps below: 1.Run the hot faucet a bit to warm the bottle up
2.Fill 50% water in the bottle and tip it up
3.Once more, refill 50% of
4.Fill your bottle with water 60-75%, then put on the lid
5.vigorously shake the closed bottle and tip the bottle
6. rinse the bottle by filling it a little and turning it upside down
7.clean under the cap by scalding it in a jet of lukewarm water

are done Here is the procedure to perform the complete cleaning:

1.Pour hot water and washing up liquid into a dishwashing bowl 2.dip
your bottle into the bowl to fill
3.Pour the contents
4.Fill your bottle again and put the cap back on 5.Vigorously
shake the closed bottle for a while and empty it
6.For super clean results, unscrew the base and scrub it gently but thoroughly
7. Your SodaStream bottle and lid are now clean, but they contain soap suds. Soap suds can affect the sparkling power of your next batch of soft drinks. So, rinse it thoroughly with hot water.

Now there you go. Your bottle and lid are now clean and await your next use. Regular cleaning of your bottle can significantly extend its durability or lifespan.

3 ways to make homemade sparkling water

Bright and sparkling, carbonated water is one of our favorite ingredients in cocktails, mocktails, and even in baking, and we love it on its own to drink as an alternative to water. We love sparkling stuff, especially in the summer. It's a great cleanser for the palate, and we drink gallons of sparkling water and lime with our meals. Plus, we really love adding juice or fresh flavors for a healthy alternative to soda.

The cost of buying cans and bottles of soda or seltzer water really adds up, however, to almost a dollar a bottle! So we did some research on domestic carbonation. The good news is, you don't need a fancy soda maker to get your own sparkling water at home. Learn more about these three alternative and sustainable options.

1. Préparez de l'eau gazeuse avec un siphon.

Dans le passé, l'eau gazeuse était fabriquée à la maison et au bar avec un siphon à soda - vous pouvez toujours en trouver des versions en verre vintage sur eBay et dans les magasins d'antiquités, mais au cours de la dernière décennie, les siphons à soda modernes ont envahi le marché. Ces bidons utilisent des cartouches C02 pour ajouter des bulles avec de l'eau du robinet. Vous pouvez également ajouter du jus de fruits et des arômes à l'eau avant de les gazéifier. N'oubliez pas que vous devrez suivre la commande et le recyclage des cartouches C02. Il y a un certain danger avec ceux-ci; vous devez suivre les instructions avec précision ou la bouteille pourrait exploser. De plus, avec le coût des cartouches, vous regardez toujours environ 0,50 $ la bouteille.

2. Faites votre propre machine à soda.

Pour ceux qui travaillent à l'aise avec des choses comme les régulateurs, les tubes et les pinces, voici un excellent didacticiel Instructables pour créer votre propre configuration de type robinet pour l'eau gazeuse. Il tire l'essentiel de son processus de cet article très complet. Coût final: environ 100 $ d'installation et 0,02 $ le litre.

3. Essayez une machine à soda automatique.

SodaStream est de loin le plus populaire et le plus connu de ces machines à soda de comptoir, mais les machines à soda automatiques peuvent être aussi bon marché et durables que les siphons à soda. De plus, beaucoup comprennent des bouteilles de soda conçues pour garder le fizz, afin que vous puissiez regrouper vos efforts pétillants. Cela vous laisse un autre gros appareil à usage unique assis sur votre comptoir, mais le coût n'est pas mauvais: 80 $ de démarrage, puis environ 0,18 $ le litre.

Foire aux questions (FAQ):

1. Pouvez-vous recharger des bouteilles SodaStream?
Oui. Vous pouvez échanger des cartouches de CO2 vides dans n'importe quel magasin local. Le rechargement est moins cher que l'achat neuf et ses fonctions correctement.

2. Combien de temps dure 60l SodaStream?
Un cylindre SodaStream de 60 litres peut produire en moyenne 60 bouteilles d'eau pétillante. Ainsi, cela durera 8 à 9 semaines si vous produisez une bouteille par jour.

3. Combien de temps durent les bouteilles sodastream?
Les emballages consommables de SodaStream sont entièrement recyclables et peuvent être utilisés même après avoir dépassé leur durée de vie utile. Les bouteilles de gazéification peuvent être recyclées jusqu'à 3 ans avant le remplacement.

4. Pourquoi les bouteilles SodaStream expirent-elles?
Les bouteilles SodaStream peuvent être fabriquées en verre ou en matière plastique, bien que la plupart soient en plastique. Ces bouteilles sont constamment sous pression, il est donc nécessaire de les remplacer après 18 mois à trois ans. Ne vous inquiétez pas car chaque bouteille a une étiquette de date de péremption.

5. Sodastream combien de pompes?
Normalement, seules 3 pompes sont nécessaires pour produire en moyenne une bouteille d'un litre. Seulement 2 pompes suffisent si vous produisez un peu moins d'un litre.

6. Combien de litres produit SodaStream co2?
Si elle est utilisée conformément aux directives fournies, une cartouche peut produire jusqu'à 60 litres d'eau gazeuse.

7. Comment nettoyer ma machine à eau pétillante?

Le nettoyage d'une machine à eau pétillante nécessite de l'eau tiède et un chiffon doux et humide. Il est recommandé d'utiliser un nettoyant non abrasif. N'oubliez pas de détacher le carbonateur de soude avant de le nettoyer.

8. Puis-je re-pétiller une boisson qui est devenue plate?
Oui. C’est tout à fait possible. Il suffit de déposer un seul raisin sec dans la bouteille pour ramener l'éclat.

9. Comment savoir si ma bouteille de CO2 est vide?
Lorsqu'il y a du CO2 liquide dans le réservoir, la jauge indiquera 1000 PSI. Lorsque le volume de CO2 liquide dans le réservoir tombe au point où il ne reste que du gaz CO2, la jauge PSI indique une pression inférieure. De plus, vous n'entendrez pas le bourdonnement même après avoir appuyé à plusieurs reprises sur le bouton de carbonatation.

10. Comment puis-je savoir s'il y a suffisamment de pétillement dans mon eau?
Le terme «assez» est très subjectif. L'avantage d'un dessalinisateur est que vous avez un contrôle total sur le niveau de pétillement dans vos boissons. Donc, tout se résume à votre préférence.

Alors, quel est le meilleur fabricant de soda?

Malgré ce qu'elle indique sur les étiquettes des sodas achetés en magasin, nous connaissons tous les véritables composants de ces boissons: en particulier, l'impact qu'elles peuvent avoir sur notre santé. Le soda en vente libre a été désigné comme l'une des principales causes d'obésité et de diabète en raison de sa forte teneur en sucre. Et plusieurs campagnes ont été lancées pour limiter la consommation de boissons gazeuses achetées en bouteilles.

Il est donc raisonnable de vouloir savoir ce qu'il y a dans nos boissons, mais aussi de préserver l'environnement en créant moins de déchets de bouteilles en plastique. Et tout en achetant un soda maker et des recharges vous coûtera quelques dollars, à long terme, cela vous fera économiser de l'argent car vous n'aurez plus besoin d'acheter de soda.

Nous espérons que notre meilleure critique de fabricant de soda a été utile. Si vous ne l'avez pas déjà fait, nous vous suggérons de consulter notre guide d'achat. Vous y trouverez des conseils qui vous aideront à tirer le meilleur parti de votre achat. Cependant, si vous nous demandez de choisir notre préféré, nous vous suggérons de…

Kit de démarrage pour machine à eau pétillante Sodastream Source

Avec le soda maker, une bouteille réutilisable et une bouteille de CO2 de 60 litres, tout y est. Sans BPA et avec un indicateur de niveau de carbonateur, votre santé est en sécurité. Et vendu en deux couleurs, vous ne devriez avoir aucun problème à en trouver un qui correspond à votre style et à votre cuisine.

Lastly, this best soda maker for the home gives you quick and easy to use carbonation features. Just slip into the bottle, and in seconds you have sparkling water!

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