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Are you the type of person who likes to start their day with a delicious fruit smoothie filled with energy? Or maybe you are the kind of person who occasionally enjoys a drink mixed with friends? If so, what do you use to create these delicious drinks? If you are in the position where you are using a spoon to mix your drinks, or even worse, you are shaking them up and down, then you should definitely introduce a blender into your life. Believe me, it will make your life a lot easier. So keep reading to find out some of the best mixers on the market today, but first, let's try to determine the type of mixer you really need!

Best Blender

The Vitamix 5200 is an excellent example of the beg high quality craftsmanship. The machine appeals to owners with its durability, simple controls and powerful power.

It measures 20.5 inches tall with the pitcher in place, 7.3 inches wide, 8.8 inches deep. It is a bit bulky and generally large enough for the average closet (18 inches between the closet and the counter is a common standard).

The motor peaks at around 1400 watts (2 horsepower). It works with a premium stainless steel blade to turn your vegetables and fruit into silky drinks (like smoothies or creamy sauces) in seconds.

The 5200 also has an overload security feature. If the mixer runs too long or tends too much, the motor will stop automatically to avoid damaging the circuit.

The pitcher can hold up to 64 ounces (7.5 cups) and rests on top of the engine base without twisting it, so it's easy to place and remove. There is a splash-proof rubber cover that fits securely over the top of the pitcher. In the middle of the cover is a hole so you can add ingredients in the middle of the session. The hole also allows self-protection to pass through and push the contents down when needed.

Safety note: attach the cover before using the mixer.

There is a dial which allows you to control the 10 motor speeds and a mode switch between the high and variable option (the mixer has no impulse function). High is the recommended setting for most drink recipes. The variable is the low power mode and is handy when you want pieces to pieces in your salsa.

Parts that are generally in contact with food, from the pitcher to the pestle, are not highly recommended for the dishwasher. To clean the pitcher and blades, pour water and a little dish soap and mix to let the parts clean. The lid and pestle should be washed by hand.


The Vitamix 5200 costs more than your standard kitchen mixer, but the device's high-end construction and reliable performance are worth it.

Benefits :

Powerful motor

Quality materials

Simple to use

Good for heavy tasks

Well built

The disadvantages :


 Does not go in the dishwasher

With a powerful motor and additional food processing accessories, the Ninja BL770 adds great value to your arsenal, but at a competitive price.

The mixer is 17 inches high, 7.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. It's big enough, so you'll need to find an open place, probably on a kitchen island or table.

A 1,500 watt (2 HP) motor powers the machine. You have 3 speeds to switch between, 1 pulse function and 1 individual portion preset - which will also allow you to pulse but at a speed suitable for small pots.

Accessory elements include a 72-ounce (9-cup) pitcher and a 64-ounce (8-cup) food processor bowl with a lid that acts as a security key. Specifically, the engine will only run if the cover is locked.

The pitcher and bowl use removable multi-blade hubs for mixing instead of the conventional blade assembly at the base. This blade design works well if the load is large enough, such as when mixing for two or three people. If the load is too small, however, the results will come out more chopped than mixed, and small amounts may not "hang well" on the lowest blades, so mixing will not be effective. The processor bowl also comes with a dough blade.

There are two small jars (or a single serving) of 16 ounces each. Unlike the pitcher, they have a basic blade assembly that screws like a lid. When using them, smoothies and similar drinks often come out with a much better consistency. The jars also have take-away lids, which makes it easier to consume.

Some commentators say they are satisfied with the strength but annoyed by the noise level of the machine. They suspect that the fragile case and poor quality suction cups are to blame. Others also agree on the state of the suction cups and say that they cannot hold the mixer stationary during operation.

For cleaning, try hot water in the jar / pitcher and mix it with a few drops of dish soap, or you can just use your dishwasher. Remember to soak them well before loading them.

Safety note: the blades are as sharp as a razor. So be careful if you clean them manually or whenever you need to handle the blade assembly.


The Ninja BL770 professional blender is clearly not the best model available, but it does strike a balance between utility and cost. All in all, it's a good piece to have.

Benefits :

Powerful motor

Good accessories package

Competetive price

Security lock

The inconvenients:


Poor to heavy tasks

Need additional storage space for all extras

This blender is compact, only about 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide, and should fit directly on your kitchen counter, even if you have limited space. In addition, thanks to the cylindrical "ball" shape, it is easy to find a place in the cabinet to store the unit.

The base is a 600 watt motor. It's not very strong, so the manufacturer suggests that you add liquid every time you mix, even if it's with soft fruits or vegetables. They don't really say it, but you can imagine that nuts and seeds are almost a complete no-go. If you prefer a more powerful engine, they also offer a Nutribullet 900.

Safety Note: Be sure to attach the blade assembly to the jars before placing them on the base.

The mixer works simply by placing the jars with the blade assembly on top of the motor base. Press to activate the engine. You can either press and release to pulse, or press and turn clockwise to lock and let the machine run.

The 12-piece package includes one 24-ounce cup and two 18-ounce cups; one of the 18-ounce mugs has a handle. There are two lids for taking the cups on the go and two lip rings (one with a handle) to cover the threaded rim so you can drink the cups directly.

Several owners have shared their love for lip rings. They say covering the wire makes things less boring and prevents spills. As a bonus, it also means fewer drinks afterwards.

Safety note: do not operate the mixer for more than one minute.

Cleaning will be effortless as all removable parts are dishwasher safe in the upper basket. However, we always recommend rinsing or soaking the parts well before loading them.


The Nutri 600NBR-1201 is one of the best personal mixers on the market. It is affordable, easy to use and functional. It's a difficult combination to beat

Benefits :

Good accessories package


Simple to use


The disadvantages :


Need liquid

No heavy tasks

The Ninja BL660 is the cheapest version of the Ninja BL770. He nevertheless manages to pack a powerful motor, a pitcher and take-away cups while maintaining an affordable price.

The power to the entire mixer is a base of 1100 watts (1.5 HP) motor. It allows you to switch between 3 speeds, 1 pulse function and 1 single portion preset, designed for single portion jars.

The mixer comes with a 72-ounce (9-cup) pitcher with a cover that is part of the safety mechanism: if the cover is not secured in place, the engine will not start. There are also two 16-ounce jars, two take-out lids and a conventional screw-on blade.

Unlike the jars, the pitcher uses a removable blade hub. It works well with loads that occupy more than half of the capacity. If the batch is too small, however, the results are likely to come out more chopped than mixed.

To clean the parts, you need to mix warm water with a few drops of dish soap. All removable parts of the blender also go in the dishwasher if you prefer. And whatever you do, look around the blades - they are extremely sharp.


The Ninja BL660 Professional Counter Blender is a decent choice. It offers adequate power and functions for a model at this price.

Benefits :

Sufficient power


Competetive price

Security lock

The disadvantages :

Can be noisy

Poor to heavy tasks

The Nutri Pro BL456 is a hit from a personal Ninja blender. Designed to handle a range of tasks quickly and easily, this machine is loved by those who live on a tight schedule.

To use the machine, simply push the container onto the base to activate the motor. If you want it to operate continuously, there is no locking like with the Nutribullet, so you just have to keep it pressed, which can be quite heavy. However, the quality blades and the 900 watt motor handle the job very well even when it's just pulsing.

Safety note: be sure to attach the blade assembly to the container before using the engine.

Combining the motor and the 24-ounce pot, the mixer is only 14 inches tall. So even if you have a low cabinet, there should be enough vertical space to store it under the cabinet when not in use. The base is only 6 inches wide, so it should fit well, even in a small kitchen.

The set also comes with an 18-ounce mug and two take-out lids, so you can prepare your drinks and bring the mug with you. All the removable parts, from the blades to the lids passing through the jars, go to the dishwasher. Rinse before charging for maximum efficiency.


The Ninja BL456 is far from perfect, but it should be a practical addition to your kitchen if you lead a hectic life.

The model is under a one year limited warranty

Benefits :

Powerful motor

Simple to use


The disadvantages :


Heavy to press

It goes without saying that KitchenAid is well known for its incredibly durable appliances, and fortunately, their 5-speed mixers are certainly no exception to this rule. This blender has an extremely easy-to-clean design, which makes everyday tasks like making smoothies, mashing vegetables or crushing ice an absolute breeze. Not only does the blender have an unbreakable 56-ounce mix and serves as a pitcher, but its soft grip handles make using it a comfortable and easy experience for everyone to use, including your curious and helpful kids! The pitcher comes with a one-piece stainless steel blade that is dishwasher safe, eliminating disgusting food traps and the constant need to disassemble for cleaning. Thanks to the blade system,which comes with a .9 HP motor and easy to use electronic controls, mixing on this machine is always fast and consistent. This blender is ideal for those of you who don't have a whole lot of time to spend in the kitchen, especially since this blender comes with a Clean Touch control pad, which wipes completely in one instant.

Benefits :

Hassle-free one-year replacement warranty directly from KitchenAid


Durable for everyday use

Perfectly mixes ice, fruit and vegetables

Comes in a variety of colors, including pink, white, blue and green

The disadvantages :

Do not ax finely hardest foods, like nuts

If you've been lucky enough to have heard of the Ninja brand before, you already know how amazing they are, so you may not need a lot of evidence to convince yourself that it's is the mixer for you. Either way, it's worth mentioning that the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 changes the entire game with its intense mixing skills. With 1000 watts of professional power, the Ninja 1000 can certainly do any job with little to no effort on your part. The Ninja Total Crushing blades supplied with this blender allow you to perfectly crush the ice, mix the fruit and mash the vegetables. Thanks to the professional mixing bowl XL 72 ounces BPA free and dishwasher safe, your whole family can enjoy a good cold smoothie on those hot summer days.Using just a damp cloth for wiping, the Ninja 1000 is incredibly easy to clean, which is great during busy mornings with kids and rush hour traffic. Not only does this breathtaking blender have a sleek and elegant design, but the six-blade assembly makes it easy to crush the ice. And while other mixers are struggling to keep up with demand, the Ninja 1000 is impatient and able to serve you and your family! which is perfect during busy mornings with the kids and rush hour traffic. Not only does this breathtaking blender have a sleek and elegant design, but the six-blade assembly makes it easy to crush the ice. And while other mixers are struggling to keep up with demand, the Ninja 1000 is impatient and able to serve you and your family!which is perfect during busy mornings with the kids and rush hour traffic. Not only does this breathtaking blender have a sleek and elegant design, but the six-blade assembly makes it easy to crush the ice. And while other mixers are struggling to keep up with demand, the Ninja 1000 is impatient and able to serve you and your family!

Benefits :

Comes with a recipe book of 25 recipes

BPA-free plastic, dishwasher safe

One year warranty

The mixer locks onto the base

The disadvantages :

Food is sometimes stuck, so you have to push it with a utensil

Pitcher is not covered by warranty

Some consumers have reported plastic rupture

The Cuisinart CPB-300 mixer is a compact mixer that can go almost anywhere thanks to its slim and balanced design! The 32-ounce BPA-free mixing jar comes with a lid and a measured 1 oz lid, making it the perfect size for just about anyone's mixing needs. With the easy-to-grip mixing jar, consumers don't have to worry about it slipping out of their hands and crashing into the floor of their freshly cleaned kitchen. The Cuisinart CPB-300 comes with an 8-ounce BPA-free chopping cup with lid, allowing it to handle a variety of food preparation tasks, including grinding, whipping and chopping. If you are the kind of person who cares about the power behind their blend, then there is no there is really no need to look any further. The Cuisinart CPB-300's robust 350-watt motor is sturdy, stable, and capable of doing even the toughest jobs without much effort. This mixer comes with two sets of high quality self-aligning blades that are interchangeable, depending on the task at hand. Do you often find yourself wanting a smoothie in the middle of the night? Well, the Cuisinart CPB-300 has a 3-function touchpad with LED lights, which makes it easy to read, use and of course clean. This mixer comes with two sets of high quality self-aligning blades that are interchangeable, depending on the task at hand. Do you often find yourself wanting a smoothie in the middle of the night? Well, the Cuisinart CPB-300 has a 3-function touchpad with LED lights, which makes it easy to read, use and of course clean. This mixer comes with two sets of high quality self-aligning blades that are interchangeable, depending on the task at hand. Do you often find yourself wanting a smoothie in the middle of the night? Well, the Cuisinart CPB-300 has a 3-function touchpad with LED lights, which makes it easy to read, use and of course clean.

Benefits :

Non-slip feet prevent movement while using the blender

Cord storage keeps the countertop mixer safe and clean while the

the mixer is not used

3 year limited warranty


Comes with a cookbook

Easy to clean

The disadvantages :

Some consumers have reported that it does not crush large pieces of ice very well

Some have claimed it was not good for long term use

If you're looking for a simple blender that has a lot of power, then the KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-speed blender may just be the next purchase your household makes. The beautifully unique design of this monobloc mixer allows you to have a practical mixer that can be used almost anywhere at any time. This impressive blender comes with a 56-ounce BPA-free pitcher, which is unbreakable, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, as well. Not only is it extremely easy to clean by hand, but it is also dishwasher safe for those who want easier cleaning at the end of the day or early in the morning. Even the control panel, which has blue LED lights in the background, can be cleaned with just a damp cloth.While many other mixers bounce while in use, the molded metal base of the KitchenAid KSB1570ER remains solid at all times. If you are looking for an affordable blender to meet your smoothie needs, then you should definitely consider the KitchenAid KSB1570ER!

Benefits :

Contains 56 ounces

Available in several colors

Fast and complete

The disadvantages :

Some consumers have reported leaks at the base of the blender

 Some consumers have also reported malfunctions

Like the Ninja brand, Hamilton Beach has a reputation for making high quality products. The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Electric Blender has all the power you need to make frozen drinks, smoothies and whatever your heart desires. With 700 watts of maximum blending power, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite electric blender has no problem mixing your frozen fruits and vegetables for your morning smoothies. Using a revolutionary Wave-Action system, the mixture is pulled down into the blades for flawless results every time. One of the best things about this blender is the messless spout with a hinged cap, allowing for easy pouring for every use.The four knobs on this blender come with 12 different blending functions, such as mash, puree, chop and grate, so no matter what you need to do, this blender can do it. Not only is this mixer dishwasher safe, but the 3 year limited warranty ensures that thermal shock tests to withstand extreme temperatures are essentially flawless.

Benefits :

3 year limited warranty


Easy to clean

The disadvantages :

Has trouble cutting nuts

Some consumers have reported that the engine has burned out due to overuse

Seeds can be trapped and must be removed manually

The undeniable advantages of obtaining a mixer

Now that there are many types of blenders to choose from, you are probably wondering if you even need a blender in the first place. The great thing about blenders is that almost anyone can find one in their home. But just in case you're still not convinced, here are some of the benefits of buying a blender.

Mixers are quick and effortless

Being able to quickly produce whole meals in one drink is probably the biggest advantage of having a blender. We've all been late for work and nothing seems to be going well, and all you want to do is take a quick bite to eat. Some mornings are much easier said than done. With the blenders, you can grab all your favorite fruits, nuts and yogurts and combine them in a blender for a delicious nutritious breakfast on the go.

You get everything

If you are the type of person who likes fruits and vegetables for all the nutrition they contain, you most likely avoid cooking them as much as possible. Cooking fruits and vegetables results in the loss of their nutrients, but mixing your fruits and vegetables allows you to keep all of the incredible nutrients you need in fruit.

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The mixture fills

It can be quite difficult to prepare a whole meal during the day when you have a busy schedule or if you are not really in the mood to eat. And it goes without saying that not eating a full meal is incredibly bad for your health. Fortunately, mixing all of your favorite foods not only allows you to prepare your meals for the day, but your body will be thankful for the full sensation it receives after a delicious nutrient-rich smoothie.

More the merrier, the merrier

Needless to say, it can be quite tedious and satiating to eat all of the foods that go into a smoothie. One of the biggest benefits of mixing is the fact that you can add all the fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy foods you want and it will never be too much. The expression "the more the merrier" is certainly true when it comes to mixing!

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Step-by-step guide to mixing

Now that you understand the benefits of getting a blender, you may be wondering how to use one. Fortunately, we have a step-by-step guide to help you make the process as simple as possible. And don't worry, the mix is ​​not rocket science, even a child can do it!

The first step

Before doing anything, make sure your blender is thoroughly cleaned before each use. Then plug in the mixer and turn it on to make sure it is in good working order. Once you see that this is the case, proceed to the next step.

Second step

Now it's time to add your ingredients. Your ingredients can include anything, frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbs, yogurt, milk, etc. Just about anything your heart desires can go into a blender. Remember that if you are using frozen fruit or ice cream, you need to add some kind of liquid to the mixture to make it work. If you don't add any liquid, the blades can't do their job and the ice will just be pushed down or pushed to the side.

Third step

The next thing you need to do is push the cover firmly and hold it in place. Failure to attach the cover properly can cause it to fly, which means you will need to clean up an incredibly large mess afterwards. If you need to add more ingredients, locate the small cap on the top of the lid and add the ingredients to the mixture this way. You should always avoid removing the cover if you can prevent it!

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Fourth step

Mingle! Now is the perfect time to experience all of these nifty blender knobs. Take the time to press each button to test the speed and texture of the mixture. Remember, you can't really do this bad part, so keep pressing the buttons to find out what your favorite consistency is.

Step five

After you get your perfect consistency smoothie, it's time to pour it into a glass. If your mixture is a little thick, you may need to use a utensil to scrape it off the blades.

Step six

This is the most important step on this list: make sure you clean your blender thoroughly after each use. Operate the mixer under hot water and gently rub the interior. Always pay attention to the blades as they can be extremely sharp. Also, once you're done cleaning your blender, make sure to dry it well to prevent it from rusting.

Step seven

Enjoy the incredibly delicious smoothie (or whatever you've done) by grabbing a book or listening to music while you sip your freshly made drink. In addition, there are all types of recipes that you can use to really get creative with your mixing experiences. All you have to do is look online or visit the library for great cookbooks!


These revised models are built with the latest technology and high quality materials for optimal performance and durability.

While price and brand are key when choosing a product, buyers should also focus on things that have a direct impact on overall performance. They include the functionality, construction, ease of use and safety of the machine.

If you are a beginner looking for the best blender, we recommend that you find something that looks good, works simply, and adds value to your money.

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